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Izsla je razlicica 0.95! Poiscite povezavo do nje na strani za download.


The page has been updated and Kibzilla version 0.9 is out! Get it while it's hot!


Scurek lahko prezivi brez glave 9 dni, nato umre zaradi lakote. pise(yo).


The evening topics switched from Jeggermeister to Bin
Laden to the different names. Diamond Bond has been called to help.

Periodically, we took shots of jeggermeister to heat up the kitchen


I'm tired and it hasn't even begun.
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Documentation for the Kibzilla project

Q:  What is Kibzila?
A:  Kibzilla is a Linux distribution which is released under the GPL licence and is based upon the world recognized Redhat (7.3) Linux distribution. It's specialty is it boots from the cdrom and thus does not need to be installed on the hard drive. Because it doesn't need a hard drive to run it is ideal for cyber cafe's, public acces points and in the library, whereever there is a need for a reliable and low maintainance solution.

Q:  Where can I get it and what are the conditions?
A:  Kibzilla is realesed under the GPL licen
ce and is thus completelz free! You can download it at our website, where it is explained how to setup the cd.
Q:  What kind of software does it have installed?
A:  The most important are:  Xserver XFree86, windowmanager FluxBox and the slovene version of Mozilla 1.4. The other software is pretty much standard and is in all the other Linux distributions too so we will not go into details.

Q:  What are the minimum requirements?
A:  The minimal requirements are: a Pentium 2 (or compatible processor), 128 MB RAM, VESA 2.0 compatibile graphics card which has a minimum of 8 MB RAM and supports 1024x768 in 16bit colors, CDROM.